Hosting the Perfect Movie Night


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Following on from our #FilmFriday feature, Harvey’s Furniture is breaking down how you can host the perfect movie night, whether you’re squeezing friends and family onto your plush corner couch, or just cosying up with quilts on the rug for a cinematic date night.

First thing’s first; consider your audience. Are you hosting a childhood reunion in your living room? Is it just you and a partner getting snug on a love seat? Or are you treating the whole family to a snack-fuelled extravaganza? Plan accordingly, starting with your choice of film:

Choosing a Film

The sound system, the 4K TV, the entertainment unit; it all amounts to nothing without an amazing movie. They might come for your recliner chairs, but they will stay for the film.

If you’re hosting a big group night, try to get a feel for what everyone wants to watch with a group chat – that way, you won’t be torturing your squeamish yet polite friend by forcing them to sit through The Exorcist. Narrow it down to a few choices beforehand, then take a vote when everyone’s arrived. Or, simply pick movie titles out of a hat. This will take the edge of choosing a film with your partner too.

If you’re watching a film with your kids, why not treat them to one of your childhood favourites? It can be funny to see how your old-school favourites have dated, and there’s nothing like handing down a cinematic classic to a younger generation. With remakes and reboots dominating Hollywood right now, there’s never been a better time to do it. Set aside a Friday night and get your kids up to date with a masterpiece like Star Wars.

Getting Cosy

So, you have an audience and a movie, next you need a theatre. Transform your living room into a cushy paradise with extra blankets, duvets and throws. If you have a sofabed, set it up and let everyone sprawl out for the duration of the movie. Or, purpose-build your own den using footstools and armchairs. Make sure that anyone relegated to the floor has plenty to cuddle up to and something to lean against. If you hate it when your guests put their feet up on the coffee table, just cover it up with a throw or two.

Stocking Up on Snacks

There are no clichés when it comes to movie snacks. Whip up industrial sized batches of popcorn, provide bags of pick ‘n’ mix, cook up some sharing pizzas – basically anything that you can eat with your bare hands. If you’re cooking, time it so that you can serve food before the movie starts or plan an intermission so that everyone can come to the dining table for a sharer’s feast.

Talking Time

To finish off, allot some time after the credits have rolled to sit around and talk about the movie. Some people might have loved it, others might have hated it. Somebody might have an excellent piece of trivia about a scene, and other people might just want to gossip with close friends.

The beauty of your movie night is that it’s your movie night. If you’re dedicating the time to this because you love film, then do some research and come prepared to really dig in and talk about the onscreen action. Or if you just want to spend some quality time with people, then relax in the ambience of your living room and chat about whatever comes to mind.

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