Our Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Home


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National spring cleaning week might’ve been and gone, but it’s never too late for a thorough spring clean-up. We recently showed you how to optimise your spring cleaning by bringing some zen into your home, but now we’re going back to basics for a comprehensive guide on how best to spring clean your home.

The main rooms of the house

If you’re going to deep clean your entire house, we think it’s best to work from the inside out. Start in your bedrooms, that way you won’t be traipsing used dust cloths and binbags through freshly brushed hallways.

Meanwhile, the living room is the hub of any family house, and a neat and tidy living space is essential to our daily happiness. It’s where we spend most of our time at home, which means it’s where most of our mess ends up.

On the other hand, your dining room tends to be one of the easiest rooms in the house to clean up, but it takes more than simply wiping down your table and chairs to give your dining room that fully fresh feeling.

Beginning with the bedrooms, followed by the lounge then dining room; complete this checklist for each.

  1. Dust and polish your main pieces of furniture. Clean your sofas and beds appropriately, using a vacuum cleaner and dedicated products. If you have a fabric sofa, try our Fabric Care Kit to deal with organic, grease or oil stains. We also have a Leather Care Kit designed specifically to clean leather sofas. If you have a real wood dining set, consider picking up our Natural Wood Oil Care Kit, with two stage revival ointment and specialised application cloths.
  2. Dust any secondary bits of furniture, particularly entertainment units where dust build-up will be concentrated around electronic appliances. Dust your TV and electronics themselves, ideally use canned air in the vents at the back and on the sides, then clean the screen. Tidy up any wires and discretely stow them if possible.
  3. Go through your drawers, cupboards and wardrobes, throwing away anything you no longer need or anything that you are looking to replace. Put everything you’re keeping back inside neatly. Declutter any storage units or table tops and clean them appropriately. Move your bed and sort anything that is stored beneath or in the drawers in your bed frame.
  4. Dust and clean your light fixtures.
  5. Dust and clean your skirting boards and door handles.
  6. Change your bedding and flip your mattress. Wash or replace throws and cushions in both the bedroom and the lounge. In the dining room, wash any table cloths and chair cushions. Throughout, if things are looking tired, consider brightening up your décor with a new accessory colour scheme.
  7. Clean any windows and mirrors.
  8. Dust and wash your windowsill and radiators.
  9. Vacuum your floor, and mop if necessary. Vacuum any rugs too.
  10. Finish up with an air freshener, a fresh reed diffuser, or leave a scented candle burning.

Hallway, Stairs & Landing

Often the hall is the entryway into your house. As you’ll probably be in and out with rubbish bags and dusty cloths during your spring clean, its best to save your thoroughfares till last. Here’s our checklist on how to clean your hallway, stairs, and landing:

  1. Dust and wash any furniture.
  2. Dust and clean your skirting boards.
  3. Dust, clean and polish your banister – if you have one.
  4. Store any bulky winter coats away and clean the wall where they’ve been hanging if necessary.
  5. Wash any windows and mirrors.
  6. Dust and wash your windowsills and radiators.
  7. Vacuum the floor and stairs, and mop if necessary.
  8. Clean your front door.

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