The Ultimate Pet Sofa Range: SoFurs by You


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We all love our furry-friends. Even on the worst of days, when it truly feels like the world is on our case, the unconditional love of our four-legged pals will be there to see us through.

Food, water and walkies is all our pusses and pooches really ask of us in return. But now, with help from Harveys Furniture, you could give them a gift they’ll never paw­-get.

Introducing SoFurs by You

SoFurs by You is Harveys ground-breaking new pet sofa range. Featuring over 5,000 different combinations, you can now stylishly transform your living space to purrfectly suit the most important member of the family.

Packed with innovative touches, this collection is designed to make those evenings cuddled up on the couch even more cosy and comfortable for the both of you.

Anti-fur covers

We’ve all been there. You’re fresh home from work, you slump down sideways on the sofa for a few minutes horizontal and – bleurgh. A face full of pet hair.

With our unique and easy to use anti-fur cover, you’ll be able to say goodbye to furry mishaps and hello to ter-ruff-ic levels of comfort for humans and animals alike. By day, they can kick back in the best seat in the house, until you arrive home and flip that protective cover over – then the sofa’s all yours. But chances are, you’ll still want to share your sofa space with your mutt or moggie.

Scratch-post legs

Though we treasure their company, there’s no denying our pets have a few destructive tendencies. Help keep your cat’s urge to claw at bay with our innovative scratch-post legs. Easily replaced, they’ll get hours of fun out of gnawing and scraping at your sofa legs, taking the attention away from your stylish leather or fabric finish. When they’re almost gone, simply attach a new set and start over – it’ll have them feeline fantastic.

Squeaky-toy cushions

Dogs, on the other hand, can’t get enough of their squeaky toys. Say goodbye to irritating and ugly toys scattered right across your living room floor – when you make them part of the furniture instead. Carefully and stylishly matched to your sofa, your pooch will get all the excitement they need bouncing around on the pads; it’s sophisticated silliness.

Dining in style

Needing to get up for refreshments right after you find the perfect spot on the sofa can be heart-breaking. But just because you have to doesn’t mean your pet does. With a built-in pet food feeder attached to your new sofur, your best friend can stay comfy when they get a little peckish.

All your extras

Our SoFurs by You range is made to order, so we’re always happy to cater to any extra needs or ideas you might have. Integrated laser light to keep the cat a-meow-sed? Sorted. Doggie shiatsu rollers? Consider it done. With our new range, anything is paws-sible.

Commenting on our exciting launch, Harveys Chief Customer Officer, Henry Swift said: “It is pretty far-fetched for people to think that pets don’t rule the roost at home. We always hear tails from customers about pets taking over their sofas – but now, there’s no need to worry as sofas can now be pet compatible fur-ever. At Harveys, we believe that anything is paw-sible!”

You can find our SoFurs by You online and instore from 1st April 2018. Browse the range today and discover a SoFur that’ll really make its bark in your home.